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and some alien characters

a very old pencil tribute in the style of Wendy Pini's Elfquest

a little grainy because I didn't want to take apart the glass frame.


I love working in this genre because it gives me a sense of fun and lets me explore possiblities. And gives me an avenue of expression from all the books I read.

On this page are some of my Fantasy and Science-Ficton Work.

This is my newest edition called Nobody's Home.


   A little watercolour Playing Kitlings

Which I intend to make a series of  

I love working with images of water and animals. If I can I will figure out how to create a picture with both. I am often inspired by nature and probably spend more time working with the background than the rest of the subject matter. I especailly like delving into mythology such in the Selkie - an Irish myth of seals who could shed their skin and become beautiful (of course) humans.

Or mermaids....

This piece was inspired by the picture below I took while waiting for a ferry.

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